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Friday, November 12, 2010

HMS 1&2 (80/20) IRSI 200-206

1. Buyer confirms soft offer and issues an LOI, ICPO, and BCL with right to soft probe addressed to selller
2. Issue FCO to Buyer.
3. Buyer Sign FCO and return to with a Letter of Acceptance.
4. Issues draft contract open for amendments.
5. Buyer return signed draft contract along with the transaction code obtain from the Russia
Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers.
6. And buyer exchange legalized and registered contract through courier and lodge contract in respective Banks.
7. Bank issues Proof of Product (POP) via Swift to buyer’s bank to include the following document’s listed below.
8. Arranges yard visit for buyer and their representatives.
9. Buyer’s Bank issues Irrevocable, Non transferable documentary letter of credit, Seller’s Bank reply with a 2% Performance Bond to buyer and the assignee names by means of prime 15 first world ran banks guarantee Model ICC 458 acceptable in written by Buyer and if the seller fail to supply the cargo of the product this 2% will be paid to buyer.

10. The SGS inspection will be borne by the Seller at the loading seaport and Buyer at the unloading seaport
11. Buyer Shipment commence as per contract.

Origin: Russia
Port of loading: Tuapse, St Petersburg port,
Vladivostok, Kandalaksha, Novorossiysk, Kholmsk,
Astrakhan, Korsakov, Murmansk “Monthly”
Current Capacity: 300,000MT per month
Delivery Period: 25 to 30 days

The following documents will accompany the used rail on Loading Port:

1. Commercial Invoice
2. SGS Certificate
3. Certificate of Decontamination
4. Export Permit Certificate and Export license
5. Certificate of Ownership
6. Certificate of Origin issued and endorsed by Government.
7. One original certificate of weight.
8. Certificate of Guarantee and Immunity,
9. Original copy of bill of lading.
10. Certificate of Non Radiation
11. Copy of cable or Fax sent to the Buyer within forty eighty (48) hours after loading of the product, advising particulars of shipment including: name of commodity, quantity, weight, value, number of contract,
12. Copy of JSC RUSSRAIL contract to transport the product to the port., Railways Wagon manifest Documents.
13. Copy of the port storage agreement.
14. AQSIQ Certificate.
HMS 1&2 (80/20) IRSI 200-206 Very Lowest Prices Buyer Are.

5,000MT / 20,000 MT X 12 Months USD 240 CIF
20,500MT / 50,000 MT X 12 Months USD 230 CIF
50,500MT / 100,000MT X 12 Months USD 210 CIF
Over 100,000MT X 12 Months USD 200 CIF

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