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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


1, Vessel Name xxxxx
2, IMO Number
3, Ex Name (s) xxxxx
5, Light Weight (LDT) in Metric or Long ton
6216 MT revised to 6134 MT after removals, 6037 Long Tons
6, & Year , Shanghai, China Jan-1984
7, Length Overall x LBP x Breadth x Depth 163X153X22X13
8, Draft of the Vessel (FWD/AFT) SUMMER DRFT: 9.522 M
9, GRT/NRT (International) 12549/ 5928
10, Main Engine (Make, Model, BHP, Present working Condition) MAN- K9Z60-9000BHP
11, Generator(s) (Number, Make, Model, Kw/KVA, Volts, HZ, AC/DC)
2 Sets DOOSAN AD222TI - 446 KW (Built 2008), 1 Set DOOSAN AD121TI 250KW (Built 2007)
12, Emergency Generators OLYMPIAN-GEP 150-108 KW (Built 1998)
13, Bowthruster NIL
14, All working? YES
15, Working Propeller (Please confirm Material and weight of the same)
Alumunium Brass (As per codes on Board ZHAL67-5-2-2)
16m Spare Propeller (Please confirm Material and weight if present) NIL
17, Spare Anchor NIL
18, Spare Tailshaft NIL
19, Location of Ballast Tank DOUBLE BOTTOMS AND TST
20, Ballast Tanks Coated NIL
21, Permanent Ballast (Material, Weight, Location) NIL
22, Under own power or undertow OWN POWER
23, Delivery dates - Gadani/Karachi December 8th - December 15th
24, Last Port of Discharge Jeddah
25, Last 5 cargoes carried by the Vessel Steel, Coal, Clinker
26, Any Removals 10 DERRICKS RESULTING IN 82 MT REDUCTIONS IN LDT-Supported by Independent Surveyor Report
27, Any Exclusions NIL
28, Any Conversions to the vessel ? (if yes, please answer the following) NIL
29, Type of vessel prior conversion NIL
30, Date converted, where ? NIL
31, LDT proofs of before and after conversion NIL
32, Any Damages to the vessel (especially those affecting the ligthship) NIL
33, Welded or Riveted Construction WELDED
34, Vessel is Single or Double Skinned (Does vessel have any side/Wing ballast tanks)?SINGLE SKINNED
35, Vessel has Single or Double Bottom Tanks? DOUBLE BOTTOM TANKS
Any Top Side Tanks? YES
37, Vessel been laid up in last three (3) years? (When/Where/How Long) NO
38, Was vessel ever idle awaiting orders for any period of time? NO

39, Present Class of the vessel Comoros Class (Ex Lloyds Register)
40, Bunkers ROB upon delivery MINIMUM
41, Other Special Items (Aluminum / Stainless Steel onboard the vessel) NIL
42, General Arrangement Plan/Capacity Plan YES
43, Flag / Port of Registry Comoros/Moroni
44, Deadweight 19239

45, Holds / Hatches5 HO/5 HA
46, Draft 3,92 AFT

Muhammad iqbal
Virgo Inc,
Karachi Pakistan
Tell office: - 9221-35459781
Handy: - 923333195473 / 923422459255